Fedek's plant brushes

Brush Screenshot


  • added on February 16th 2009

    This shapes means that your penis is very little. But when you will improve your skills and upgrade this plants/flowers/whatever nobody won't say: "Fedek's penis is XXS size".

  • added on February 16th 2009

    Hello mr. Helicopter :D You've used two negation words in one sentence, I think you should improve your english before you comment my small brushes (which I didn't put on this site). Until then my tiny penis still has more IQ than you. ps. Did you ask your father how does it feel to put a jar in the buthole? I've seen on your website that you had moments of fun with him.

  • 13h
    added on February 17th 2009

    Wow helicopter do you have something agaisnt this guy..? Anyway these are lovely brushes. Thanks for posting em up.

  • added on October 1st 2009

    Those that point fingers are usually the ones with the most (or least) to hide, Helibastard. Useful set, Fedek. Thumbs up.

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