Rose Brushes

Brush Screenshot


  • added on February 18th 2009

    Hi, I LOVE your brushes. I am fairly new to the mac world and have installed fonts but not brushes. I seem to be doing something wrong. Can you direct me in the right direction? Any help would be great. Thanks for your time.

  • added on February 18th 2009

    Hello dear friend, There are two ways to import brushes to Photoshop : a) Import the brushes to PhotoShop just like the following image : b) Open the folder on your computer that the brushes are in, then select your desired brushes , then Drag and Drop the brush files on your PhotoShop window. Feel free to ask any other questions. :-)

  • added on September 15th 2009

    greetings, you've done very good job with these brushes. outstanding design work, saves time and looks professional. thank you so much.

  • added on May 29th 2010

    What do I do (on a mac) about .rar files ??

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